Not Recommended for:
• Anything that might be harmed / damaged by water
• Varnished wood
• Lacquer ware
• Raw copper / Aluminum / Tin
• Electro conductive parts
• Shell made products

• Not for drinking directly due to high Alkalinity
• Unless diluted the right pH. Caution: do not use for purposes other than cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing
• Test small part before use for delicate items
• Rinse food product and kitchen ware with normal water after applying HeKleen
• Do not mix with other food products

• If swallowed in large quantity, drink plenty of water and dilute
• If contacted eyes, rinse with normal water
• If unusual symptoms prevail, see your doctor

• Do not take too long time after opening and keep cap tightly closed
• Store in a cool place
• Do not freeze
• Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
• Keep away from high temperature
• Keep out of the reach of children