What is Super Alkaline Water HeKleen (SAW)?

HeKleen(SAW) is high alkaline pure water with pH of around 12.5-13.8 and it is produced by electrolysis of tap water being filtered and purified by the Reverse Osmosis process.

Why does HeKleen have strong cleaning power even it is nearly 100% water?

HeKleen is water with small molecules and with negative charged that can go quickly into the space between the dirt and the surface of the object to be cleaned. When the surface of the two particles of dirt are covered with negative ions, they tend to repel from each other and caused separation.

Is HeKleen higher than normal detergent in it's cost?

Cost of HeKleen would not be much higher than normal detergent. For large end-users, the installation of a HeKleen machine would be much cheaper in the long run than to buy detergent products.

Is it safe for a baby to chew on an object which has been cleaned by HeKleen?

Food grade potassium carbonate which is used as electrolyte in the electrolysis tank in producing HeKleen which does not contain any artificial surfactant nor any other chemicals. It is safe even if baby chews any items which has been cleaned by undiluted HeKleen.

Can we touch HeKleen with bare hands?

Yes, pH12.5 HeKleen is highly recommended for the cleaning of hands and safe even for babies' hands. pH13 HeKleen may be too alkaline to be handled by hand.

Any caution for the objects to be cleaned by HeKleen?

Anything can be cleaned and deodorized by HeKleen including all kinds of metals with the exception of raw aluminum and raw copper. Raw aluminum and raw copper are weak against acid and alkaline. Particularly, uncoated aluminum or copper surfaces could change color when contacting high alkalinity. But cleaning such products with HeKleen is of no problem if cleaning is done quickly for less than 5 minutes and washed by normal water after cleaning. For other cautions of usage, please see the information on the product you purchase.

Any damage to environment when HeKleen is drained?

No, HeKleen is made from pure water without addition of surfactant. High alkalinity will be quickly reduced to neutral water on reaction with dirt and oil as compared to most types of detergents containing surfactants which will result in the formation of sludges that caused pollution of our water resources.

What is the difference between HeKleen and Alkaline Ionized Water for drinking?

Alkaline ionized water for health drinking is with pH of 8-10 while HeKleen for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing is with pH of around 12.5 to 13.8.