HeKleen is high alkaline ionized water with full negative ( - ) ions and Oxidization Reduction Potential (ORP) of -500mv produced by special electrolysis method. Negative ( - ) ions contained in HeKleen will take off various positive( + ) ionized dirt. HeKleen contains no harmful chemicals as compared to normal detergents and can be used as an extremely versatile cleaner, sanitizer and deodorizer at home and office. HeKleen is completely safe and very environmentally friendly.

Cleaning Power

High alkaline level of pH 12.5 removes all kinds of dirt and stains including oils, fats, nicotine and tars.
HeKleen will remove insecticides and agriculture chemicals on the surfaces of vegetables and fruits
which cannot be washed away by normal water.

Sanitizing Power

Power of high alkaline ionized water will remove various germs and bacteria causing
smell and food poisoning.

Deodorizing Power

Odor is created by bacteria and microbe in the object and high alkaline water
HeKleen will kill these bacteria causing smell.

Anti-rusting / Deoxidization

Things oxidize, rust and corrode by leaving the object without cleaning which will
increase germs and bacteria. By simply spraying HeKleen to the object, it will stay clean
and healthy by removing germs and bacteria. The absence of Chlorine ion in HeKleen also gives
metal surface the anti-rusting property.


High alkaline ionized water will stop the generation of static electricity which is
caused by friction. This is useful for cleaning electrical appliances under low humidity.

Colorless and Non-stimulant

HeKleen contains no chemicals and synthetic substances and it will convert back to
normal water after exposed to air and sunlight for some time. HeKleen is produced
without adding any chemicals surfactants and alcohol which are the general
causes of polluting water.
HeKleen is 100% environmentally friendly.

Colorless and Non-stimulant

Since HeKleen is made from pure water and there is no necessity of using a lot of water
to drain and wipe as you normally must do when you use regular chemical detergent.
HeKleen's high pH will decrease after having been exposed to the air and direct
sunlight and it will convert to normal pH water after lapse of time.
It is easy to apply, just spray and wipe off.