Basically spray or soak for a few minutes in undiluted or x5 diluted HeKleen and wipe off or rinse as appropriate for the following items:
Kitchen counter, Kitchen sink and drains, Tiles in front of cooking range, Dishes, Household appliances, Ventilator, Air-con filters,
Wooden/stone floors, carpets, Furniture, Walls/Wall papers, Window glasses Walls/Wall paper, Washstand, Bath/Shower rooms
(floors and tiles), Toilets, PC/Mobile phones(Computer monitors and touch panels of 4G mobile phones/iPads), Cameras, Wrist watches
with metal bands, Eye-glasses, Jewelry, Toys, Car interiors(steering, dashboard, seats), Car exteriors(wind screen, sport rims)

The demos below are taken from Bano website with their approval as both HeKleen and Bano are similar products made by the same patented technology and equipment as supplied by E-Plan company of Japan.

Cutting Board Decontamination Test

Cleaning Power of HeKleen in Washing Watch Band

Cleaning Graffiti by Oil-based Ink

Cleaning Kitchen Wall Tiles

Cleaning Wallpaper Stained by Tobacco Tars

Glass Windows and Mirrors

Use around your Kitchen

Safe cleaning on Microwave Oven

Refrigerator – Cleaning and Deodorizing

Pillow Cleaning and Deodorizing

HeKleen iPad Cleaning

HeKleen Leather Seat Cleaning