High Alkaline Ionized Water HAIW will save Future Generations Date: 24-Oct-2012

Scientifically, high alkaline ionized water (HAIW) with its’ pH more than 11.5 is proven to have unique capability as a strong cleaner, sanitizer and deodorizer competitive enough to relative chemical products even if it is nearly 99.9% pure water.  


E-Plan Co., Ltd., Japan, (EPCO) manufactures state-of-the-art machines to produce pH12.5 above HAIW with patented proprietary electrolyte ionizing technology in pursuit of the challenging goal changing concept of safety of food products and to make our eating habit far more secured.


History of HAIW is obscure and inarticulate. HAIW as water products are sold with naive and misleading catchwords. Almost no HAIW suppliers promote machines to produce HAIW.


EPCO, while promoting HAIW products with brand name of e-Wash, is striving to develope and supply proprietary, smallest, trouble free, easy to operate and least expensive HAIW producing machine to homes and businesses to be widely used.


EPCO’s objective is to encourage consumers at home and users at all kinds of industries and businesses to replace as much chemical products they use as possible with HAIW.


Not all vegetable products can be chemical free while making billion people free from starvation, 6 billon people on this planet starved. Then wash vegetables with a lot of chemical detergent with full of artificial surfactant hazardous to you killing your valuable rivers and lakes or make yourself and your future generation sick in-taking stubborn chemicals stuck to your vegetables which you are forced to eat if not safely removed.


EPCO believes this solution is HAIW. HAIW, containing plenty of hydroxide ions with -600 oxidization reduction potential (ORP), working as natural surfactant, sanitizer and deoxidizer,will give you total solution for safety of food products both at your home and business.


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