The Sorrow Beneath the Sea Date: 16-Sep-2012

Imagine an underwater world without whales, sharks and dolphins where jellyfish and algae rule. IT’S ALREADY HAPPENING

The rise of chemical and industrial pollutants in our rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, heedless of consequences, is changing the ocean chemistry, impacting temperatures and oxygen levels and shifting patterns of underwater currents with dramatic consequences.

The runoff of nutrients from land, in the form of fertilizers and sewage, coupled with rising temperatures, have triggered in recent years an explosion of dead zones, low-oxygen areas where few species can survive. Dead zones are often found at the mouth of mighty rivers like the Mississippi or in populated coastal areas and inland seas. And yet, despite their proliferation, future seas will not be lifeless. Jellyfish, for example, are great opportunists and some scientists fear that large parts of our most productive seas will transform into JELLYFISH EMPIRES. Jellyfish positively thrive in pollution-enriched seas.

Sixty years ago in 1950, huge grouper and sharks dominated the catches in Key West and the average catch for a fishing trip was 44 lbs. Thirty years on in 1980, the region around Key West with larger fishes being greatly reduced and the average catch was 20 lbs. By 2007, the average size of fish for Key West was decreased by 88 percent and the average catch was reduced to only 5 lbs.

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