• Spray HeKleen directly to plants as pure insecticide or water them with x50 diluted HeKleen to keep them healthier and greener
  • Spray HeKleen over the half-dried laundries to eliminate bad smell.
  • Spray sink of your kitchen before sleeping to keep it cleaner to prevent bacteria breeding in the night
  • Carry HeKleen always with you and spray chopsticks/folks/knives/spoons and wipe off before use at restaurant. Also spray HeKleen onto your table and wipe off
  • Carry HeKleen always with you and spray into air around your face if you feel the air surrounding you is somewhat polluted. Take care not to accidentally wet other people around you.
  • Carry HeKleen always to spray on toilet seat of public toilets for safer and cleaner usage
  • Prepare x100 diluted HeKleen water and keep cut flowers for longer life
The demos below are taken from Bano website with their approval as both HeKleen and Bano are similar products made by the same patented technology and equipment as supplied by E-Plan company of Japan.

Emulsification and Oil Separation Test

Tomatoes Washing Test

Flower - Chrysanthemum (Please noted Bano Helkeen are same product produced by the same equipment supplier E-plan, Japan)

Helmet Cleaning and Deodorizing

Cleaning of Stubborn Stains

Interior and Exterior of Vehicles

Useful on Flight

Deodorize shoes

Smelly Feet – Remove odor

HeKleen for Steering Wheel Cleaning

HeKleen for KLCC Model Cleaning

HeKleen for Metal Tower Cleaning